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  • What are the steps of a good homemade manicure?
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    The previous varnish should be removed if necessary and the nails should be filed to give them the desired length and shape. The installation of a base is recommended to protect the nail from the pigments of the varnish and attach it to the nail. It is recommended to apply a first layer of varnish […]

  • Can I apply my hand cream to the nails?
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    The nail is composed of keratin,a molecule that is also found in the skin, hair and hair. Hand care can therefore be suitable for nails. Their primary function is moisturizing the skin, but some of their ingredients can bring some nutrients to the nails. When the nails do not present any particular problem (brittle, yellowed, damaged […]

  • 5 tips to whiten your nails
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    There is no shortage of reasons that cause nail tarnishing and yellowing: repetitive nail polish, use of a solvent that is too aggressive, daily work (dishes, gardening, DIY) without gloves, and of course tobacco. Not always easy to keep white nails healthy. 5 tips to prevent them from turning yellow and whiten them easily. BAKING […]